What others say about us means more than what we say about ourselves..


“You are not only wildly talented, fun and creative, but you have delivered what you promised--and that is rare.  It's been great to see you catch our passion for serving the poor in Appalachia and providing life-transforming volunteer opportunities for people we are trying to recruit and deploy.”


Tim Norton
Executive Director
Appalachia Service Project


"Thank you again for being the greatest direct marketing consultant I have ever worked with. I truly mean that. You've often told me you appreciate us but I appreciate each of you. You give me the opportunity to think outside the box at a price we can afford.”


Arminta Watkins
Director of Direct Marketing
The Salvation Army



“Your agency made our direct mail appeal the simplest and easiest one we have ever done. The staff is professional, extremely accommodating and offered our organization the highest level of service. We certainly benefited by their creative assistance. The mailing was very affordable, of high quality and effective. It produced excellent results. We recovered our mailing costs in donations just two weeks after our supporters received our appeal!”
Louise Adler
Director of Development
Boca Raton Museum of Art


“I highly recommend New River Communications for direct mail appeals. Their Loyalty Certificate Package which we used for our May appeal was very successful. This is a great strategy for a lapsed donor mailing. Between 20 and 25% of our donations came from lapsed donors — we were amazed. We even received a check from a donor who had not given to our organization for 9 years!


The 4-color letter and envelope, using our own graphics, looked beautiful and professional. The wonderful staff at New River Communications make the process seamless – and it’s so cost effective. I look forward to working with New River Communications for our year-end appeal. I’m sure we’ll have a high quality mail piece and a strong response rate again!”   


Cathy DeMatto
Director of Development & Community Relations
Caridad Center



“What set their direct response agency apart for us was the creative. They took the time to know our mission, and had great ideas on how to increase giving with our consistent supporters as well as how to approach our lapsed file. They quickly became a shop we could rely on for ideas that might not occur to our internal team. They became more than a good vendor … they became great partners in our mission to help homeless kids.”


Tom Manning
VP Marketing/Public Relations
Covenant House



“I have known and worked with the principals and staff of New River Communications for nearly 15 years. When it comes to direct mail acquisition, their strategy, creative and (most importantly) results are second to none.”


Richard Anderson
Development Director
World Neighbors


“Each direct mail piece is created by a team of pros who constantly test to see what works and what doesn’t. Their system takes out a lot of the postal, data, and creative hassles that can make direct mail so difficult and time-consuming for you. You’ll have a high quality mailing that has the best chance of success.”


Sandra Sims
Editor & Publisher
Step By Step Fundraising


“Our direct response mailing created and managed by your agency was a huge success! We averaged a 15% response and over $100,000 in revenue with under 4,000 donors. I’m so glad you've designed a program with the small non-profit in mind!”


Jack Reynolds,
Free the Kids

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