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While direct mail continues to be the work horse for nearly all non-profit organizations and associations, social media, email, phone and other communication channels can supercharge your efforts, allowing you to reach donors and prospects on their own terms – a must in today’s ultra-competitive marketing environment.  We can advise you on the best channels for your specific goals and create a dynamic campaign designed to reach them. When considering whether to go multi-channel, remember:


  • Studies show that donors or members who engage with an organization through multiple channels (conventional mail, email, social media and other online efforts, and by telephone, for example) are statistically your most committed and most valuable. They stay on your active file longer than single track donors or members.
  • New River Communications has great flexibility in how to help you tap into the power of multiple channel fundraising. We can design and oversee your multi-channel programs directly from raw idea to execution. Or we can provide an individual component(s) of a campaign in close coordination with your in-house staff or through a third-party handling other components.
  • We understand that most non-profits must stretch every dollar. So, we’ll help you evaluate the value of “hot” strategies that may be getting big buzz, but that actually deliver little return on your investment. We’re experienced in helping organizations like yours get the best bang for your fundraising or marketing buck to acquire/recruit and renew donors through standard mail and additional channels.


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