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These are just some of the special programs New River Communications can help you with:


New Donor Acquisition

If your organization is typical, at least half of the donors who gave to you last year will not give to you this year. If you want to grow – or even maintain current levels of funding – you have to acquire new donors or members. New River Communications can help you select the best strategy, the best lists and the best message to attract new supporters.


We start with a conversation about your acquisition or recruitment goals and your budget. Then we work with you to determine the best way to position your pitch to new donor or member prospects: Are your services unique? Are they demonstrably successful? Are they easily broken down into tangible, specific “ask” amounts? Then we help you find your market: Where did your current donors/members come from? Is there an easily identified and expandable universe of likely prospects? Are there other organizations with a similar mission whose donor list is on the rental market? We’ll create a custom plan for your organization that fits your budget and meets your priorities.


New River Communication’s team of experts has acquired hundreds of thousands of new donors or members for a wide variety of non-profit organizations and you can benefit from our experience.  To see samples of new donor acquisition campaigns we’ve created for other organizations click here.


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Lapsed Recapture

Many organizations make the mistake of giving up too soon on lapsed donors or members. Many others make the opposite mistake of including lapsed donors/members in their regular renewal mailings far past the point of profitability. At New River Communications our experience has taught us two valuable lessons about recapturing lapsed donors and members:


  1. It’s easier to renew a lapsed donor or member than to acquire a new one and a recaptured lapsed donor/member is worth more than a newly acquired one.
  2. You won’t renew lapsed donors or members by treating them the same way as current donors or members. They’ve lapsed for a reason and you need specific strategies to get them back.


So what is that “something special” to get them back. It may require a particular format such as a hand-written addressed mailing and/or first class postage. It might mean sending them a special premium.  It might be a phone call. Or it might be just a low-cost copy technique like reminding them that they are lapsed. Believe it or not, most lapsed donors don’t realize they’ve lapsed.  In a recent lapsed donor test for one of our clients we discovered that simply mentioning the date of the donor’s last gift increased response by 20% and revenue by 48%.


We have a lot of experience helping organizations recover lapsed donors or members and working with New River Communications will help you develop the best plan to get the most out of that valuable pool of lapsed donors or members on your file. For examples of lapsed recapture campaigns we’ve created click here.


Recapture your Lapsed Donors

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