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Strategy + Creative = Strategic Creative = Your key to success

In the world of direct response, clever words and pretty pictures won’t get the job done. Moving people to join or renew their support or membership requires a deep understanding of their motivations. Yes, creativity is required, but so is first-rate strategy.  Make sure to focus on both. 


Effective and inspired packages spring from asking essential questions: Who is my audience?  What are their interests?  Concerns?  Beliefs?  What do they want?  What do they need?  Remember to make your donor, not  your organization, the focus of every question you ask …


  • As far as creativity: Which program of yours will be most effective to highlight?  How will you write the copy?  Will you tell an emotional story or just stick to the facts?  Will you be warm and personable or will professional and detached attract more support?  Will it help or hurt to put graphics or photos in your letter?  To include a brochure?  A premium?  A matching gift offer?
  • And what about strategy and analysis: What are your best packages and campaigns?  What segments of your house file are underperforming?  How are other channels – phone, e-mail, social media – impacting your results?  How can you maximize performance with mid-level and hi-level donors and supporters?  How can you get more of them?  How can you upgrade them?


These are just a few of the essential questions you should be asking.  The answers are found at the crossroads of creative and strategy, where New River Communications lives – and excels.


Let us draw from our many successes – and some failures – to help you get the answers that will help you strengthen and grow your programs …  


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