Strategic Creative

Every communication, contact or appeal you send is a chance to deepen a donor’s connection to your organization and to inspire giving at their highest level. Yes, analytics are important, but great creative must come first to motivate giving that puts the numbers…

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Special Programs

Need fresh ideas for your Acquisition Program? Looking for the most effective ways to renew your Lapsed Donors? Or maybe you need to maximize giving from your Middle and High Dollar Donors? New River Communications has an answer for every…

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New River Communications will help you leverage your data more effectively and provide a comprehensive view of performance, trends and growth opportunities. Our approach is designed to demonstrate a clear value added both from strategic consulting and financial

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It’s not just a buzz word. It’s your critically important, coordinated strategic plan to communicate with donors where they are and in the way they prefer. Direct-mail, on-line, social media, phone, and more. Use these channels innovatively and watch your results spike. Or…

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Our Work

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Why Choose Us

Our Core Features

The Principals

We’ll bring our best creative and strategic ideas to bear on every aspect of our work with your charity or association. We’ll be involved, hands on, in the creation, writing, and production of every direct response marketing campaign. We will not hand your important work off to junior staff. When you hire our agency, you get us.

Strategic Creative

Numbers, metrics, and analysis are important and help drive strategy, but it takes bold, excellent, emotionally-charged creative to garner a donor’s attention. Our award-winning, results-oriented Strategic Creative approach will highlight your work in an unforgettable way that makes people care – and act.

Multichannel Solutions

In a world whizzing with new technologies and communications channels it’s essential to connect with donors on their terms. So direct response strategies must be formulated with all mediums – traditional mail, web advertising, email, social media, telemarketing, etc. – in mind. NRC delivers measurable, cost-effective results across every media channel.

Program Specialists

Leading non-profit organizations and associations have demonstrated that the “one agency does everything” model is not always in their best interest. While New River Communications is a full service agency, we welcome the opportunity to work with organizations on specific programs or projects.

We’re Collaborators with You

Each agency principal has been in your shoes, in your chair, on your side of the desk. While working internally at non-profits, we didn’t buy the “It’s our way or the highway!” attitude we got from some hot-shot agencies who came busting through our doors.

Award-Winning Appeals

The Direct Marketing Association of Washington DC (DMAW), one of the premiere associations in our industry, has consistently recognized our work, including awarding us with their prestigious “Big Idea” (best of show) prize.

Some of Our Clients

  • The team at New River Communications are not only easy to work with, but they met every deadline and offered sound suggestions that added quality to our donor acquisition pieces. Because of this, we saw our return rates double over the previous year.

    Kim Martin
  • Our direct response mailing created and managed by your agency was a huge success! We averaged a 15% response and over $100,000 in revenue with under 4,000 donors. I'm so glad you've designed a program with the small non-profit in mind!

    Jack Reynolds
  • Each direct mail piece is created by a team of pros who constantly test to see what works and what doesn't. Their system takes out a lot of the postal, data, and creative hassles that can make direct mail so difficult and time-consuming for you. You'll have a high quality mailing that has the best chance of success

    Sandra Sims
  • I have known and worked with the principals and staff of New River Communications for nearly 15 years. When it comes to direct mail acquisition, their strategy, creative and (most importantly) results are second to none

    Richard Anderson
  • What set their direct response agency apart for us was the creative. They took the time to know our mission, and had great ideas on how to increase giving with our consistent supporters as well as how to approach our lapsed file. They quickly became a shop we could rely on for ideas that might not occur to our internal team. They became more than a good vendor ... they became great partners in our mission to help homeless kids.

    Tom Manning
  • I highly recommend New River Communications for direct mail appeals. Their Loyalty Certificate Package which we used for our May appeal was very successful. This is a great strategy for a lapsed donor mailing. Between 20 and 25% of our donations came from lapsed donors - we were amazed. We even received a check from a donor who had not given to our organization for 9 years!

    Cathy DeMatto
  • Your agency made our direct mail appeal the simplest and easiest one we have ever done. The staff is professional, extremely accommodating and offered our organization the highest level of service. We certainly benefited by their creative assistance. The mailing was very affordable, of high quality and effective. It produced excellent results. We recovered our mailing costs in donations just two weeks after our supporters received our appeal!

    Louise Adler
  • Thank you again for being the greatest direct marketing consultant I have ever worked with. I truly mean that. You've often told me you appreciate us but I appreciate each of you. You give me the opportunity to think outside the box at a price we can afford.

    Arminta Watkins
  • New River has done a terrific job managing our direct marketing program for several years. They understand our market, our donors and what works for our organization. They've helped us grow our database and improve our renewal efforts. As a result, we have realized robust growth in overall revenue development since we began working with New River.

    Sam Gil
  • I'm the communications manager with an organization outside of Washington DC, and we've used New River for years to send out our direct mail appeals. They work hard to get every detail just right, and the staff is always reachable over e-mail. It has been a pleasure working with them all of these years

    Charlie Shifflett
  • My organization is based in NY and even with New River Communications being based out in Florida, we have been able to net a 110% direct mail increase in my first year using them. I can tell you that you will be more than happy with the services they provide.

    Mark Crusante
  • The numbers are in and for 2015 we had the best gross revenue and the best net numbers in the history of ASP. Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU for your part in helping us make 2015 such a success! We would not be where we are or have accomplished this without such an amazing team – all working together to help eradicate poverty housing in Appalachia. Because of your part in our work even more families are in warmer, safer, and drier homes and that is what keeps me at ASP year after year! I love working with each and every one of you and cannot imagine a better team.

    Lyssa Hunter Perry

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