5 Reasons to Choose Us

When your Executive Director or Board asks “Why New River?”

 Here’s why:

  • The Principals – We’ll bring our best creative and strategic ideas to bear on every aspect of our work with your charity or association. We’ll be involved, hands on, in the creation, writing, and production of every direct response marketing campaign. We will not hand your important work off to junior staff. When you hire our agency, you get us. 
  • Strategic Creative. Numbers, metrics, and analysis are important and help drive strategy, but it takes bold, excellent, emotionally-charged creative to garner a donor’s attention. Our award-winning, results-oriented Strategic Creative approach will highlight your work in an unforgettable way that makes people care – and act.
  • Multichannel Integrated Solutions. How best to keep in close touch and form relationships with your donors in a world whizzing with new technologies and medias? You have to connect with donors on their terms, using their preferred means of communications. That means different thinking and different approaches: from traditional mail, web advertising, email, social media, telemarketing – New River Communications delivers measurable, cost-effective results across every media channel.
  • Program Specialists. Leading non-profit organizations and associations have demonstrated that the “one agency does everything” model is not always in their best interest. While New River Communications is a full service agency, we welcome the opportunity to work with organizations on specific programs or projects – from Acquisition/Recruitment and Lapsed Donor/Re-Activation programs to Planned Giving and High Dollar Donor appeals. Bring us in for a new perspective and fresh ideas.
  • We’re Collaborators with You. Each agency principal has been in your shoes, in your chair, on your side of the desk. While working internally at non-profits, we didn’t buy the “It’s our way or the highway!” attitude we got from somehot-shot agencies who came busting through our doors. Likewise, you won’t get the “we know all, and you know nothing” attitude from you.  You know your organization and its mission better than anyone. You may have lots of great ideas of your own. We’ll work with you to help shape your ideas in the very best way possible. And when the direct response program succeeds, the credit will be the product of a fruitful partnership working together for a greater good.

Tell us where you want to go with your fundraising

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Katapult Marketing5 Reasons to Choose Us