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6 ways to boost your fundraising in 2017


In today’s fundraising world, it’s more important than ever to stay out in front. Increasing revenue and meeting budget goals gets tougher every year…

You must take advantage of new ways to make your job easier while impressing the boss – raising more funds, increasing response rates and keeping your donors renewed and engaged.


SIX WAYS we can help you & your charity to prosper in 2017:

  1. Master File Audit. Your journey to increasing revenue should begin with an annual in-depth audit of your fundraising program. Our customized report assesses and benchmarks fundraising performance and provides an actionable plan to improve areas of weakness.
  2. Data Modeling. Who doesn’t want better results in their acquisition program? Using modeling or predictive analytics, we can effectively cut 20%-30% of list names from any given campaign that would otherwise underperform. How confident are we? If we don’t lower your cost to acquire a new donor, you don’t pay for the analytic services.
  3. Donor Segmentation. Making your selects based on RFM is the old way! Our revolutionary approach to donor segmentation identifies, profiles and prioritizes your donors to increase revenue and retention — while decreasing cost by saving you from wasting valuable money on non-responders
  4. Social Synch. By matching up IP addresses with your donor or prospect lists, we can serve up online ads across the Google network or on Faceboook that coordinate (or synch) with your offline efforts. Your supporters or prospects will be viewing online ads just as your latest direct mail campaign hits their mailboxes!
  5. Google Grant. Perhaps your charity has already qualified for a Google Grant? However, are you maximizing your $10,000 in in-kind AdWord advertising each month? You can use your grant to recruit more volunteers, attract more donations and reach a broader audience.
  6. Mid-Level Donor Program. There are plenty of great reasons to have a specific strategy just for mid-level donors, but the main reasons are more NET revenue and higher retention. Most likely you’re spending the same on a $25 donor as you are on a $1,000—Stop doing that!

If you’d like to hear more about any of the above services that New River regularly provides to our clients, let’s talk today! You can reach me at Sean@newrivercommunications.com or at the office, 954-587-8820.


Sean O’Neil
Senior VP

Katapult Marketing6 ways to boost your fundraising in 2017