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All ears? You should be

With my roots in the for-profit marketing industry, one thing I’ve observed is that those who are most successful at what they do have one common trait: they know how to listen. Companies may know their product and or service very well, but to grow, they need a better handle on their customers and what motivates them.

For non-profit organizations your donors and volunteers are like your customers. But how do you listen to your donors? Just like anything else that you want to grow or improve upon, it takes much care and cultivation. Here are some popular solutions and a few creative thoughts and strategies to think about.

  • Listen to the numbers. Use analytics to learn what, where and when to communicate with your donors so that you can optimize and focus your efforts.
  • Ask questions and opinions. Include surveys or questions on donor likes and interests in reply forms and in your social media marketing.
  • Get personal. Take moving stories from volunteers, staff and all those who are supported by your cause and use them to tell your organization’s “story” in your communication and marketing materials, across all channels.
  • Bring people together. Fundraising events are not just a way to raise funds, but a very personal way for you to connect and interact with donors and volunteers, or even introduce others to your organization or cause. This helps everyone get more involved and engaged into your organization and your vision.
  • Fear not! Don’t be afraid to use every type of marketing that you can, including social media. Even though some of these efforts may not seem to bring a high ROI, remember that you are planting seeds and need to continue to cultivate and nurture them to grow, and spread into a larger fruit bearing source.
  • Get testy. Keep trying new ideas to improve on what you are already doing. Always test new ideas in your current fundraising efforts. The results will give the answers. Knowing what doesn’t work is just as important as knowing what does.
  • Let them know they are heard. Donors and volunteers give for internal satisfaction not personal gain, but if you want them to keep giving, make sure at every opportunity to tell them how much they are appreciated and how their contributions are making a difference.


It seems like everyday a new nonprofit organization is born, making it even more difficult for your organization to survive. So, if you want to survive, or better yet, thrive ­– always remember, you are not the donor, so don’t try to be a mind reader, just listen and you’ll surely continue to grow.

I’m all ears,

Scott Allbee, Art Director

All ears? You should be