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Can you READ me now?


The concept that BIG FONTS work better in fundraising letters is old news, I hope. But the truth is there’s more to good typography than just using large fonts like Courier or Times New Roman. If you want to increase readership, you have to increase readability – across the board.

These additional typographic tips from Target Marketing magazine will be easy on your donors’ eyes and increase the likelihood that they’ll take action:

  • Just because there are thousands of typefaces, doesn’t mean you should use all of them. Keep it simple – two typefaces are usually enough. Understand what needs to be emphasized and choose the most effective type treatment. One good motto is, “use as many as you need and as few as possible”.
  • Take caution when using reversed-out type. White type on a black or colored background can be difficult to read and should be used selectively. In addition, is the type smaller then 10 point, a large block of copy and/or in a serif typeface? Probably best to find another typographic solution.
  • Use typography to create a visual guide for scanners and readers. Eye flow is, in large part, a function of typography. By asking “where do I want the eye to go first” and using typographic elements such as big bold sans serif fonts for headlines and sub headlines, will direct the eye to that area first and create easy scanning with added emphasis. Is there a specific quote that really drives the article? Make it stand out with a large complimentary font. Having a hierarchy between headlines, captions, body copy and sidebars guides the reader to your call to action.


Margaret Randall, Senior Graphic Designer

Can you READ me now?