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I’ll Be Me Foundation, Glen Campbell

While new acquisition efforts normally cast as wide a net as possible, New River Communications was tasked this time with creating a package to pull in high dollar donors. Our client: the I’ll Be Me Foundation – an organization founded around Glen Campbell’s fight with Alzheimer’s disease. The fundraising letter came from Glen’s wife and was aimed at potential supporters in the entertainment community. Rather than use standard mass mail techniques, we took a hi-touch personalized approach including a closed-faced envelope with “genuine pen” addressing in silver ink. Inside, the piece included memorable pictures of Glenn on his last tour, an emotional plea from his wife, a special guitar pick and an exclusive invitation to be a founding Rhinestone Circle Member “to change the future for everyone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.”

Margaret RandallI’ll Be Me Foundation, Glen Campbell
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Grand Canyon Association

Among the many important works of the Grand Canyon Association (GCA) is an initiative to protect the night skies from light pollution. Hard to believe, but true: The rapid spread of light pollution means that 8 in 10 Americans can no longer look up and see The Milky Way! The Grand Canyon is one of the best places in the USA where you can still take in this breathtaking trail of stars that most used to take for granted – and GCA is taking serious steps to protect the night skies. The idea of this disappearing treasure struck us as a riveting theme to appeal to donors and new prospects of GCA. We developed the tag line “Help Keep Us in the Dark” and used it in direct mail, in emails, on social media, in digital ads (some that linked to video that laid out the theme), etc. This memorable theme caught the attention of supporters and outperformed more general ads about supporting the wonders of the Canyon. Preserving the mystery and beauty of a starlit night clearly struck a chord across all channels.

Margaret RandallGrand Canyon Association
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The Everglades Foundation

This Everglades Foundation package created by New River Communications urges the public to get involved and do their part to save the irreplaceable Florida wetlands before it’s too late. The personalized brown kraft outside carrier with the red stamp font give the package an official and serious feel. To bring in as many names as possible, the package offers a low bar of entry for a prospect to get involved. Those interested need only sign a declaration to add their voice to the “now-or-neverglades” campaign. The package uses a mix of disturbing and beautiful images to show what’s at stake if prospects don’t pay attention and take action. The invitation to give is enhanced by a matching gift that doubles any gift given. The direct mail piece is part of a multi-channel effort to raise awareness and solicit gifts – the petition was made available on-line too.

Margaret RandallThe Everglades Foundation
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Landing Pages, Display Ads, Social Media Posts

New River Communications can help with all your digital needs. We are adept at handling all aspects of your digital marketing. In addition to creating copy & artwork for Facebook & Online Ads and Emails, we build customized landing pages, write and post social media and coordinate all aspects of your campaigns to deliver a cohesive experience for donors across all conventional and digital channels.

Margaret RandallLanding Pages, Display Ads, Social Media Posts
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Strategic Email Campaigns

There’s more to an effective email campaign than splashy graphics and a snappy subject line. Email messages are sometimes intended as straight ahead fundraisers. Other times they are intended to cultivate the donor relationship with only a soft ask or none at all. Some emails are stand alone efforts. Others are part of a multi-part coordinated multichannel effort supporting conventional mail and reinforced by social media. We can help you determine the right mix, and incorporate the right art, messaging and tone to keep donors close to and supportive of your work.

Margaret RandallStrategic Email Campaigns
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Coordinated Display Advertising

Effective advertising means connecting with your supporters through multiple channels. We can reach them online. One of the most effective places to engage them is on Facebook. By matching mail and IP addresses, New River is able to serve targeted ads into the FB newsfeed of prospects or donors who are receiving a direct mail campaign through conventional mail. Retargeted digital ads can also be served to visitors to your website who leave before making a gift. New River tests multiple creative approaches for every digital ad campaign we run, evaluating each for reach, number of impressions, number of likes, click through rate, etc. We test copy, art, offer, whether to use video and other variables to roll out with the most effective campaign possible.

Margaret RandallCoordinated Display Advertising
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Appalachian Service Project

Conveying an organization’s message to donors in a coordinated, integrated multi channel strategy is critically important in today’s fundraising sector. Supporters who are connected with your charity by more than one channel, give more often, make larger gifts, and have a higher lifetime value. This highly successful summer campaign for ASP engaged donors via many channels and platforms – including a colorful, four page newsletter appeal, email, video and social media. The campaign told the story of a struggling family, whose Appalachian home was literally falling apart around them– collapsing walls and roof, rotting floors and other hazards. Compelling copy, photos and video – delivered through the various communication channels – connected the donors with this little family in a cohesive, hugely powerful way, kicking off the busy summer building months with a big charitable bang!

Katapult MarketingAppalachian Service Project
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Cross International

Smart organizations understand the value of building up membership in their monthly giving club. Even monthly gifts of a modest amount add up quickly, and monthly givers often feel a closer affinity to your organization than other donor groups on your house file. We created a package for Cross International, a top relief and development non-profit, showing donors how their commitment as regular monthly supporters allows the organization to carry out its core work of caring for orphans more efficiently. Unlike many monthly member invitations, our creative approach didn’t force a donor’s hand with an all or nothing proposition. By offering donors who weren’t ready to take the leap to monthly giving the chance to make a one-time gift, we maintained response rates near the level of other special appeals while bringing in additional highly prized monthly donors.

Katapult MarketingCross International
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Yellowstone Park Foundation

The organization employed New River Communications to implement and execute custom mailings for their middle donors. We strategized and created an annual communications schedule that included a careful mix of upscale appeals appropriate for this higher dollar donor segment that cultivated, informed, educated and motivated significant contributions. Highly personalized packages like this one used higher quality paper, first class postage, alternate copy, project budgets and other techniques aimed at engaging higher level donors. Strategic messaging and layout combined to effectively address donor heads and hearts and raise response and average gift.

Katapult MarketingYellowstone Park Foundation
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Save the Chimps

How much do your donors really understand your mission and the good work that is being accomplished through their support? This package for Save the Chimps was created to give loyal supporters a closer glimpse into a “Day in the Life at the Sanctuary.” While letter copy opens with a brief description of Save the Chimps coming to life on a typical morning, a four-color insert includes fun and engaging photos, accompanied by interesting captions, describing a day at the Sanctuary in vivid detail, from dawn to dusk. By painting a visual of the need – the necessary food, medicine, blankets, resources etc. to create a safe haven daily for over 260 chimps — donors gain a much better appreciation for the scope of work made possible by their continued generosity to the organization. The creative team took care and caution in crafting a very donor-centric (versus organizational-centric) package – with letter copy repeatedly reminding Ms. Donor that none of this amazing work on the 12-island sanctuary would be possible without YOU!

Katapult MarketingSave the Chimps
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