Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation

Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation (T2T) serves both first responders who have died in the line of duty (by paying off their family’s mortgage) as well as vets catastrophically-wounded while serving (by providing them with mortgage-free, smart homes customized to address their particular injury). There is a lot going on and many ways to shape the narrative to encourage donor support. We were bullish on a vouchers format because it is more interesting to donors than a straight letter package yet doesn’t have the negatives some donors associate with front-end premiums. In addition, the vouchers format provides a chance to highlight various T2T programs while giving prospects a choice of how they wish to help. This winning control package continues to generate many new donors with a high average gift and a very low Cost to Acquire (CTA). In fact, one recent campaign performed even better than break-even – a rare feat these days in acquisition!

Margaret RandallStephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation
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I’ll Be Me Foundation, Glen Campbell

While new acquisition efforts normally cast as wide a net as possible, New River Communications was tasked this time with creating a package to pull in high dollar donors. Our client: the I’ll Be Me Foundation – an organization founded around Glen Campbell’s fight with Alzheimer’s disease. The fundraising letter came from Glen’s wife and was aimed at potential supporters in the entertainment community. Rather than use standard mass mail techniques, we took a hi-touch personalized approach including a closed-faced envelope with “genuine pen” addressing in silver ink. Inside, the piece included memorable pictures of Glenn on his last tour, an emotional plea from his wife, a special guitar pick and an exclusive invitation to be a founding Rhinestone Circle Member “to change the future for everyone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.”

Margaret RandallI’ll Be Me Foundation, Glen Campbell
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The Everglades Foundation

This Everglades Foundation package created by New River Communications urges the public to get involved and do their part to save the irreplaceable Florida wetlands before it’s too late. The personalized brown kraft outside carrier with the red stamp font give the package an official and serious feel. To bring in as many names as possible, the package offers a low bar of entry for a prospect to get involved. Those interested need only sign a declaration to add their voice to the “now-or-neverglades” campaign. The package uses a mix of disturbing and beautiful images to show what’s at stake if prospects don’t pay attention and take action. The invitation to give is enhanced by a matching gift that doubles any gift given. The direct mail piece is part of a multi-channel effort to raise awareness and solicit gifts – the petition was made available on-line too.

Margaret RandallThe Everglades Foundation
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United States Equestrian Team Foundation

Through the USET Foundation, new supporters help our U.S. Equestrian Team go for the gold! And to bring that point home, this prospecting package features a gold-plated medallion emblazoned with the USET logo and one of three Olympic High Performance disciplines. By joining the team and helping U.S. athletes to bring home medals with a gift of $50 or more, the donor receives a beautiful display case and two additional gold-plated medallions to complete the commemorative set. This unique frontend and backend premium combination aimed to boost the average gift of the acquisition campaign while acquiring new donors committed to advancing the future of High Performance equestrian support through the Foundation.

Katapult MarketingUnited States Equestrian Team Foundation
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Salvation Army

This is our breakthrough acquisition test package – first mailed in 2011, followed in 2012 with unprecedented results: The package delivered a 3.44% response rate in acquisition for The Salvation Army Philadelphia in 2012 with a cost to acquire of only $4.65 per donor. The custom CD includes 16 Christmas songs performed by The Salvation Army Brass Band. This package creates warm feelings about The Salvation Army and puts donors in a giving frame of mind, but it’s important to note that this is not just a generic high-end premium. It is a strong, feel-good reminder of a great organization: Christmas music from a brass band brings The Salvation Army warmly to mind for many donors. The music also brings alive the spirit of the season, leading to a powerful response from prospects and donors. The CD premium is also desirable because donors/prospects keep it, meaning The Salvation Army stays in mind long after they’ve made their gift.

Katapult MarketingSalvation Army
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