High Dollar

Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation

Direct mail for an organization’s mid-level donors isn’t just about fancy packages and first-class stamps. Success with mid-level donors requires better strategy and a different kind of conversation that brings them closer to the nonprofit. It’s important to show these donors how you’re using their donations and report back to them on how THEY are advancing the mission. This 9×12 package for Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation explains how research breakthroughs and innovation may be the only hope for many children with debilitating diseases. Through the donor’s very generous support, Children’s Colorado is pioneering new treatments and cures to eradicate childhood disease and transform pediatric medicine — giving all kids a chance at a healthier future. The appeal was a big success, confirming that investing more in an in-depth package with higher production values pays dividends with mid-level donors.

Margaret RandallChildren’s Hospital Colorado Foundation
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Yellowstone Park Foundation

The organization employed New River Communications to implement and execute custom mailings for their middle donors. We strategized and created an annual communications schedule that included a careful mix of upscale appeals appropriate for this higher dollar donor segment that cultivated, informed, educated and motivated significant contributions. Highly personalized packages like this one used higher quality paper, first class postage, alternate copy, project budgets and other techniques aimed at engaging higher level donors. Strategic messaging and layout combined to effectively address donor heads and hearts and raise response and average gift.

Katapult MarketingYellowstone Park Foundation
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