Grand Canyon Association

The iconic Desert View Watchtower is a must-see attraction for Grand Canyon National Park visitors. A renewal appeal for such a beloved and impressively grand structure deserved a carrier treatment that similarly packed the WOW factor! Mailed in a large, over-sized envelope, our design team created an eye-catching infographic on the carrier, immediately conveying the towering beauty of this national treasure and intriguing donors to look inside the envelope. The letter copy and other contents implored donors to protect the irreplaceable landmark by renewing their support through Grand Canyon Association (now Grand Canyon Conservancy).

Margaret RandallGrand Canyon Association
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The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Matching gift offers are a great way to increase response rates for many appeals. Letting donors know their generosity will have DOUBLE the impact is a powerful motivator. With The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp’s signature summer camp program ready to begin, the Matching Gift Challenge couldn’t have come at a better time. Copy underscores how the donor’s gift will go twice as far to bring “a different kind of healing” to seriously ill children like Kiara. Included in the mailing is a fun fold-out, vertical insert that tells Kiara’s story of bravery on the front side while visually highlighting a typical day at Camp through select photos and captions on the reverse.

Margaret RandallThe Hole in the Wall Gang Camp
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Save the Chimps

How much do your donors really understand your mission and the good work that is being accomplished through their support? This package for Save the Chimps was created to give loyal supporters a closer glimpse into a “Day in the Life at the Sanctuary.” While letter copy opens with a brief description of Save the Chimps coming to life on a typical morning, a four-color insert includes fun and engaging photos, accompanied by interesting captions, describing a day at the Sanctuary in vivid detail, from dawn to dusk. By painting a visual of the need – the necessary food, medicine, blankets, resources etc. to create a safe haven daily for over 260 chimps — donors gain a much better appreciation for the scope of work made possible by their continued generosity to the organization. The creative team took care and caution in crafting a very donor-centric (versus organizational-centric) package – with letter copy repeatedly reminding Ms. Donor that none of this amazing work on the 12-island sanctuary would be possible without YOU!

Katapult MarketingSave the Chimps
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Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

An Annual Fund Drive campaign should be an important staple appeal in any annual renewal program. Classifying a mailing as an Annual Fund Drive (and follow-up) taps into a donor’s understanding that this is your most important fundraising drive of the year. And you make a big point of this in the copy. To supercharge the Foundation’s Annual Fund appeal, the package included colorful, emotionally-charged name & address labels and a personalized notepad with patriotic graphics and quotations. Letter copy reminded donors to think about the enormous sacrifices of our fallen patriots as they use the “no-obligation” gifts enclosed. The combination of a proven marketing technique (Annual Fund Drive) with the two upfront “freemiums” proved to be a winning renewal appeal for this client, helping to provide more college scholarships to deserving kids who have lost a parent defending our country.

Katapult MarketingChildren of Fallen Patriots Foundation
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