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Direct Mail Production… Efficient & Effective


The New River team manages hundreds of direct mail campaigns each year ranging from small custom jobs to mailings of one million or more packages. Every campaign regardless of size is carefully ushered through with a strong commitment to quality and value.


Production management includes:

  • Create production-ready art files and transmit to printer.
  • Manage production schedule and project deadlines.
  • Quality control of proofs for accuracy.
  • Manage and transmit data for personalization.
  • Complete postal forms and production paperwork.
  •  Monitor deliverability through seeding.


New River is educated in all postal regulations as they pertain to client projects to ensure compliance (including but not limited to dimensions, reflectance, barcodes, MERLIN) and the most cost-effective and efficient methods of mail delivery (including but not limited to BMC/SCF, commingling, Planet Code).


Let us help you produce an effective mailing that comes together hassle-free!


We Specialize in Creating High Impact Direct Mail


Need to find new customers or motivate existing ones? At New River, we marry creative excellence with bold, out of the box strategic thinking on lists and offers. Our results oriented creative will set you apart from your competitors while tapping into new markets, helping to make your business grow, grow, grow.





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Finding You the Best Sources for New Business


Every effective direct marketing campaign typically shares a few basics in common. Each begins with zeroing in on the desired target who will most likely have an interest in the offer at hand. The most important component of any direct marketing effort is the list or audience. New River has extensive experience selecting and procuring lists for a broad variety of companies and causes. A specific and carefully selected market, an appealing product, and the right offer all play a significant role in matching the right product with the consumer most likely to sign on.


Let our list experts target the right audiences to help your business grow!


Stand out. Or stand aside.


“My first love and secret weapon.” – Advertising legend David Ogilvy on direct mail


Standing out in a crowd is a basic tenet of good marketing. And in today’s world, standing out is more critical than ever. Direct response marketing lets you stand out distinctly in the eyes of your target because it allows you to convey to them how well you understand their needs, speak their language, and can satisfy their wants. Executed properly, that understanding results in a comfort level among the target market, one that enables them to make decisions that will solve your business’ need for increased sales.


Find out how direct mail still delivers the best value for your advertising dollars!

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