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Common Mistakes in Social Media

        Just read a great article from Fundraising Success magazine about 10 common mistakes non-profits make when engaging in social media.  After finishing, I quickly hit my “Like” button. Writer Heather Mansfield got it just right.

        Three of her points really caught my attention and inspired a few riffs of my own…

1. Facebook Status Updates limit 1 per day
– We all know one person on Facebook who seems to update their status about every 30 seconds. “Heading to work” 8am, “Getting Coffee” 8:08am, “Checking my email” 8:12am.  Arrrrghhhh!  Who cares!!!  Although I am an admitted stalker, I actually don’t care what you are doing every minute of your life – and neither do your supporters.  So spare your followers the minutiae and limit yourself to one great status update or posting per day!  If not, your sanest followers will quickly “Hide” your updates, and you’ll never again appear on their mini feed!  So show up each day, but make it one great post!

         2. Twitter Become a fan of your fans!  Fundraising Success called it a 1:1 ratio – plain and simple support your supporters.  Follow your followers.  They will like you and trust you more – and they won’t think you’re a snob.  Besides, symbiotic Twitter relationships can help you create new business relationships not to mention spreading the message of your organization to more people. 

        3. Blogging and exciting post content – Both of these are severely important and they kind of go hand in hand.  Every non profit should be blogging. Deliver news and updates on what great work you are doing. Make it fresh; new, exciting… make your supporters laugh, cry, care…..  Make them emotional about what you do or what needs doing!  Blog about it, tweet about it, and Facebook about it!

Whether your non-profit is already fully immersed in social media or are just about to dip a toe in, don’t let social media stress you out!  Become that social butterfly that you aspire to be and spread the good news and good works about your organization to your supporters!  Be present and have fun, just don’t be a bore or a snob.  To read the full Fundraising Success article, click here.

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