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The Everglades Foundation

This Everglades Foundation package created by New River Communications urges the public to get involved and do their part to save the irreplaceable Florida wetlands before it’s too late. The personalized brown kraft outside carrier with the red stamp font give the package an official and serious feel. To bring in as many names as possible, the package offers a low bar of entry for a prospect to get involved. Those interested need only sign a declaration to add their voice to the “now-or-neverglades” campaign. The package uses a mix of disturbing and beautiful images to show what’s at stake if prospects don’t pay attention and take action. The invitation to give is enhanced by a matching gift that doubles any gift given. The direct mail piece is part of a multi-channel effort to raise awareness and solicit gifts – the petition was made available on-line too.

Margaret RandallThe Everglades Foundation