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Grand Canyon Association

Among the many important works of the Grand Canyon Association (GCA) is an initiative to protect the night skies from light pollution. Hard to believe, but true: The rapid spread of light pollution means that 8 in 10 Americans can no longer look up and see The Milky Way! The Grand Canyon is one of the best places in the USA where you can still take in this breathtaking trail of stars that most used to take for granted – and GCA is taking serious steps to protect the night skies. The idea of this disappearing treasure struck us as a riveting theme to appeal to donors and new prospects of GCA. We developed the tag line “Help Keep Us in the Dark” and used it in direct mail, in emails, on social media, in digital ads (some that linked to video that laid out the theme), etc. This memorable theme caught the attention of supporters and outperformed more general ads about supporting the wonders of the Canyon. Preserving the mystery and beauty of a starlit night clearly struck a chord across all channels.

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