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Lost in the Middle?


Like the middle child, chances are your charity’s Mid-Level donors are feeling left out and lacking attention. Yet, sitting right smack dab in the middle of your donor pyramid, these same donors represent a rich source of untapped opportunity. You just need to reach out and show them some love.

However, you simply cannot approach Mid-Level donors in the same way as major donors or lower dollar, annual fund donors. It’s important to steward their loyalty and commitment. The truth is, Mid-Level donors want to participate and engage more in your cause. So how can you invest in them?

  • Leverage best direct marketing practices with major gift components. Work to create an enhanced form of direct marketing with the goal of raising greater revenue while cultivating a stronger bond with the donor.
  • Provide deeper levels of information about the good works that donors accomplish through your nonprofit. Direct mail appeals can contain more depth and detail than mailings to regular donors. Provide more “insider” information and insight into your organization’s works and challenges.
  • Create packages that are unique and compelling. Use hi-touch, direct mail methods such as closed face envelopes, First Class stamps, genuine pen addressing, upgraded paper stock, etc.


Need some creative inspiration for a winning Mid-Level direct mail package? Check out this piece created by New River to help keep visitors to America’s first national park safe from big, bad bears. Click here to view.

Lost in the Middle?