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         I recently read a list of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. The top resolutions year after year will come as no surprise: stop smoking, lose weight, save more money, exercise more, etc.

         These are all good goals to strive for in the coming year but the list got me thinking about specific resolutions for those in the fundraising profession. I came up with a list of my top 10:

  1. Resolve to use less statistics.
  2. Resolve to tell more personal stories of lives changed.
  3. Resolve to stay on schedule. Get those mailings and newsletters out on time!
  4. Resolve to communicate better by using eye-friendly design and shorter sentences.
  5. Resolve to keep your fundraising letters positive. You have to focus on the problems
    and sometimes they are serious and grim. But make sure to offer solutions
    and hope
  6. Resolve to stop showing off your brilliance and use plain, easy-to-understand, straight
  7. Resolve to focus on the “bottom” line. Not just the top two. If you can cut expense
    without hurting revenue do it. But if you need to spend more to capture the big
    bucks have the courage to fight for the budget you need.
  8. Resolve to add at least one more ask to your annual schedule. Raising money
    takes persistence.
  9. Resolve to be more passionate.
  10. Resolve to be less cynical.

         Of course my list is more specifically focused on the direct response / annual giving side of
fundraising but come up with your own and share them with us if you like. We always like to hear from you!

         Regardless of what belongs on your list I think the best thing about New Year’s resolutions are that they remind us to focus on improving. Attack the new year with a commitment to DO BETTER! You might slip a few times but if you make a list and post it in a prominent place I’ll bet you
succeed more than you expect.

         Good luck with your resolutions and I hope you have a successful new year!