Wesley Mckinney

How did you get into direct response fundraising?

When I first graduated from College I did not go immediately looking for a job. I was heavily into the Olympic sport of fencing and spent most of my time fencing. Sadly, fencing does not pay the bills. In fact, I was traveling a lot going to tournaments and going into debt. My father, a Salvation Army minister, asked me to look at his direct response program and things just clicked for me. I loved telling the story of the people helped by the charity of others and at the end of that first year I had increased donations by 33% and cut cost 19%.

What’s the best part of your job?

We live in a tough world. A lot of people do not think that heroes exist anymore. When you work in fundraising you get to hear about heroes every day. Any one that puts other people and their welfare before their own is a hero in my book.

The worst part?

There is so much need in this world. It is hard to go home sometimes knowing how much more needs to be done.

Your favorite escape from the job?

I love to be with friends and the people I love. I also love to read – the more you read the more you realize how little the world has changed. Just last week I read that Cicero stated in 50 BC “Times are tough, children do not listen to their parents and everybody is writing a book.”

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