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Picture this!


“I don’t have time to read,” say too many of your donors.


“Then how can I reach you?” say you.


“Send me something I can digest quickly.”


“Great,” you reply. “I have just the thing.”  


Want to speak a common language with your “I can’t read anything for more than 20 seconds” kind of donors? One good answer: Infographics.


Infographics speak volumes quickly to “I’m in a hurry” donors and help move them to action. And no wonder – studies show that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual!


Fascinating, right?


To learn more, check out this article (with visual examples, YES!) on how infographics can make your nonprofit marketing campaigns sizzle.


Always supporting your vision,


Sean O’Neil

Senior VP


P.S. At New River, we love pictures. But we also love words. We know how to put them together in a way that engages donors and moves them to action. Can we help you with that at your nonprofit? Let’s discuss. No pressure. No obligation. Contact me at Sean@newrivercommunications.com or at the office, 954-587-8820.

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