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Retention strategies… anyone?

A recent blog from the Agitator last week reported on a survey they conducted in April which asked, “What percentage of your non profit first time donors make a second gift?”

The results were far from impressive.  In fact, the majority of responders reported 39% or less.  The Agitator went on to comment that a Forbes Insights survey of top corporate executives in the U.S. and U.K. listed customer retention as their current number one priority too.

Times being what they are, combined with more “competition” in the marketplace, makes donor and customer retention all the harder for both non-profit organizations and for-profit companies alike.

So today I want to ask you, what specific strategies, or packages, have you tested and found to best increase supporter retention rates for your charity?

And since I’m the one asking the question, I guess it’s only fair to make me go first!

One package that has performed particularly well is our “Donor Loyalty Certificate” appeal pictured below:

This package leads right off with an eye-catching certificate at the top of the letter.  The certificate recognizes the donor for her loyal support and the number of years she has been a supporter of the
organization.  It can be detached from the letter and framed or otherwise displayed in her home or workplace.

The letter goes on to tell the donor just how very important she is to the good works being accomplished by the charity – something that is repeated several times throughout the copy.  (Remember, despite what some of them may tell you, donors never tire of hearing the word “thank you!”)  And by recognizing donors, and their loyalty, it’s a sure way to motivate more giving.  At least that’s what our experience and results with this package have proven.

OK, so now it’s your turn.  Please share with Currents what’s working for you in improving donor retention rates.  I’ll take the best that comes in and share it with our readers.  Anything we can all learn will be greatly appreciated.

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