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Save the Chimps

How much do your donors really understand your mission and the good work that is being accomplished through their support? This package for Save the Chimps was created to give loyal supporters a closer glimpse into a “Day in the Life at the Sanctuary.” While letter copy opens with a brief description of Save the Chimps coming to life on a typical morning, a four-color insert includes fun and engaging photos, accompanied by interesting captions, describing a day at the Sanctuary in vivid detail, from dawn to dusk. By painting a visual of the need – the necessary food, medicine, blankets, resources etc. to create a safe haven daily for over 260 chimps — donors gain a much better appreciation for the scope of work made possible by their continued generosity to the organization. The creative team took care and caution in crafting a very donor-centric (versus organizational-centric) package – with letter copy repeatedly reminding Ms. Donor that none of this amazing work on the 12-island sanctuary would be possible without YOU!

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