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Show Your Donors the Love…

I was talking yesterday with the Development Director of a smaller non profit (less than 5,000 donors on file) and asked her how many of these donors received personal treatment from her?  Her reply: “Very, very few. We do four mailings each year and I don’t really have much time for face
to face visits or personal phone calls.”

What a mistake!  Set aside every week to phone and visit key donors one on one.  Too many fundraisers make the mistake of searching their data bases for the largest donors. Instead, look for loyal donors, ones who have given consistently to your cause.  Then, pick up the phone and THANK them!

Remember, giving has not stopped… it just takes more work, more smarts, and more persistence in forging better relationships with your donors and prospects.  Hearing directly from you, and just how much you appreciate their support, will go a very long way!

Katapult MarketingShow Your Donors the Love…