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The Alpha Channel

This past year, I’ve had the opportunity to immerse myself into the world of direct response fundraising. Before my time at New River, I thought that direct mail would be quickly phased out by social media and other online marketing efforts. But I’ve realized – much to my surprise – that if direct mail is dying, it’s going to be a VERY slow death.

In fact, direct mail is known to most savvy fundraisers as the “The Alpha Channel” among all media channels in the direct marketing world.

I’ve witnessed the power of “The Alpha Channel” firsthand. Just think: if a moderately successful acquisition package to a targeted group of 10,000 prospects pulls in a 1% response rate, that’s 100 new donors. You’d have to run 10 times as many banners ads online to reach even half that number of donors!

As a millennial marketer, my first instinct is to think digital. But when I look at the numbers I realize that while digital efforts – email, online ads, social media, etc – are awesome (and pretty much part of most every campaign we do), they’re supporting players when it comes to bringing in the dollars and cents.

So, from the “New Kidd,” all respect to that old work horse that still delivers….

Whitney Kidd, Account Executive

The Alpha Channel