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For most major non profits, direct mail will continue to be the biggest revenue generator this year. The fact is, it’s still the most effective way of reaching new donors and cultivating them.

I realize that for many charities reading this blog, you may not have the budget to hire a consultant or agency that’s expert in crafting a direct mail appeal. So I want to share several nonprofit copywriting tips with you to make your next direct mail appeal the best it can be:

1. There’s nothing like a good story well told: Donors enjoy a good, personal story and if you have a short relevant one that pulls your donor (or prospect) right into your benefits, then by all means use it!  If it’s an especially compelling story, you might even consider leading with it on the outside envelope.

Think what your reader might be asking and answer it right upfront: “Have I heard of this organization before?”“Do they really need my help?”…”Can I trust them with my contribution?”  These are just a few questions your potential donor is most likely pondering as she first glances at your letter copy. Anticipating the concerns of your readers and addressing them in your direct mail letter helps you gain their trust and support.

3. Tell your donor exactly what you want her to do. Be clear and direct about the action you’re seeking.  It’s not enough to simply say, “You can help.” Instead, ask the donor directly for her support today, “Please, will you send a gift now of $35 to help feed a child for five days?”

Hope these tips help when working on your next direct mail campaign.

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