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Think direct mail is dead… or even sick? TIME magazine thinks you’re wrong

In fact, the March
28 edition (yes, of 2011!), lists it as one of the 10 Ideas That Will Change the World For the Better.

The lead-in to the article?  “If you hate direct mail, please don’t. It’s a great way for charities to raise money.” 

Writer Belinda Luscombe uses the example of Brian Mullaney, founder of Smile Train, to make her case.

Mullaney, who obviously loves direct mail, says many charities reject it because it’s “expensive, annoying, and déclassé… The whole charity industry,” he asserts, “is very dysfunctional when it comes to this stuff, because they’re anti-business and anti-marketing.”

Strong words, but Mullaney has the standing to back up his smack: Smile Train raised $91 million in 2009 with a fundraising staff of four. 

And that windfall is to say nothing of the many other good things that happen when you enlist bad, old direct mail: new relationships forged, donors informed of good works in progress, bequests and major legacy gifts left to your organization, etc.

Here at New River Communications, we get what Mullaney is saying. We love direct mail and all direct response marketing – mostly we love the way it allows our clients to expand their critical work. 100% of our work is with non-profits and associations doing good in the world.

When you’re ready to find some new blood for your cause or re-engage your current supporters in a big way, let us know. We’re ready to help. Not just with direct mail, but with all the tools you need to get the support your good work deserves.

Katapult MarketingThink direct mail is dead… or even sick? TIME magazine thinks you’re wrong