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Three Keys to Multi-Channel Magic and Big Results


“In three years, we doubled the number of donors, increased our active donor base by 55%, and grew net revenue by 358%.”


Those are the words of two of my colleagues, writing in Dimensions, a publication of the NCDC, about a success story from our country’s poorest city.


These surprising results made them say, “What, exactly, did we do right here?”


Looking back at their multi-channel efforts, they put their finger on three key things.


Take a look and apply these lessons to supercharging your own marketing and fundraising efforts.


Wishing you lots of mutli-channel magic in 2017,


Sean O’Neil

Senior VP


P.S, Questions or comments? You can reach me at Sean@newrivercommunications.com or at the office, 954-587-8820.

Scott AllbeeThree Keys to Multi-Channel Magic and Big Results