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What will your non-profit do with the public’s social media addiction?


So check out the stats. 23% of people’s internet time is spent on social media. 91% are on Facebook, 63% Twitter, 45% YouTube and 35% LinkedIn. You might say many of us are addicted. The good news is, SM addiction is not the life-threatening variety. In fact, for non-profits, the public’s SM obsession offers a great opportunity to engage, energize, and educate your supporters and prospects.

But first rule of SM engagement: Be present every day and make at least one great post in all forums. Say you have a great photo of a local family your organization saved from losing their home. Post it, share it, and tell your donors about them – and let your donors know they’re behind the good work. How about when your organization was first to respond to the deadly tornadoes this past year? Show us some of the action, what you did, where the money went, where future gifts are going.

And when you post make sure to connect the dots. Use your Twitter accounts to post teasers for whatever you have going on Facebook. You can even link your Twitter account to make posts on your LinkedIn account. They all connect in some shape or form. Use them!

When you post great photos, videos, updates, and statistics, you’re energizing your supporters. But don’t stop there. Remember, this isn’t a lecture, it’s a conversation! So invite them to comment on and share your posts. Get them excited and they’ll help spread the good news about your organization to friends, family, and colleagues – as word travels, it builds your brand and opens the door to potential new donors. People are more likely to give if they’ve heard about you, especially from someone they know, love, and trust.

You also can utilize SM to educate your donors. Make posts on current statistics, upcoming goals, continuing problems you need help with. The more informed your donors are, the more likely they’ll be to support your cause. So don’t hold back with all the info you slaved to pull together for your 2011 Annual Report. Use SM to post some compelling statistics … Let your supporters know what they helped you accomplish this past year and why you need help now in 2012.

Bottom line is don’t miss out on all the SM possibilities for involving your supporters and prospects. You have the power to engage, energize, and educate them. You just have to be present each and every day and keep the posts, sharing, “liking”, and comments coming. Happy posting!

Katapult MarketingWhat will your non-profit do with the public’s social media addiction?