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What’s a picture worth?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

It’s a quote we’ve all heard a thousand times before. And while its origin is debatable, the meaning still rings true to this day – no more so than in fundraising.

Getting your charity’s message across to potential donors to open their hearts, and their wallets, and give to your worthy cause can be a challenge — even if it’s a cause or mission they already believe in.

However, the right image, along with minimal but powerful text can be the magic wand youneed to stir emotion and, ultimately, motivate action.

Here are a few suggestions in choosing the right image(s) for your next campaign:

  • Make it personal by including photos of actual people (or animals) in your story. Even better if the imploring eyes of an innocent child, a lonely senior or a hurting puppy are staring back directly at the donor.
  • Before and after photos are great for showing that, with support from donors, your cause is far from hopeless – and with their (continued) help more results like this are possible.
  • Photos don’t always have to be professional, but make sure the photos are clear and high quality for print, or whatever medium you are using.
  • A good photographer and/or a good designer can make a big difference in the message you want your photos to convey. A bad image can do more harm than no image.

Pictures not only tell a story, they grab attention. So use powerful images to get your cause the attention it needs and rightfully deserves.

What’s a picture worth?