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Why and what to mail your donors this summer

Summer is coming fast and furious and with it a great cultivation opportunity…


That’s right. Despite popular belief – summer can be an excellent time to talk to your donors.


So forget what you’ve heard and make it a point this summer to say “hello, look what we’re doing, thank you, and can you help today?”


Here’s the logic: Since many organizations cut back mailings in June, July, and August, there’s typically less competition in the mail and on-line.  That means your letter and/or e-mail has a much better chance of getting your donor’s attention – and a response…


But what to send?  Rather than just another standard appeal, consider sending a newsletter.  Summer is an especially good time for these.  The pace of life slows up for some donors and they’ll be more willing to give you more of their time.


So, don’t waste that opportunity.  A good newsletter is a great way to help them get to know you.  Make sure a lot of the real estate in yours shows what you’re accomplishing (and, of course, emphasize that donors are the driving force behind those accomplishments.  Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about them.)


Positive, “we’re accomplishing things together” articles will leave a good feeling now – and they’ll also pay dividends in the fourth quarter when you’re pushing harder for a gift and, more importantly, when donors are at their most generous.


Success stories from your summer newsletter will bubble up in their memories – if not in much detail than at least in positive feelings – “Oh yeah, I like what those guys over at Non-Profit X are doing” – that translate into giving.


So, get your thoughts and your newsletter together.  What you sow now in the summer, you’ll reap this giving season.

Katapult MarketingWhy and what to mail your donors this summer